The theme park opens registration for its popular summer camps in 2024, which this year will take place between July 1 and September 6. Their goal is to promote environmental awareness and education while also providing fun activities.
Aimed at children aged 6 to 15, the summer camps will offer three different 5-day programs: Zoomarine Guardians, Sam’s Club, and Catch the Wave.

Sam’s Club program: children can enjoy the swimming pools and water areas, entertainment, zoological presentations, visits to animal habitats, and even educational activities related to the animals they will meet during the week.

Zoomarine Guardians program: includes all the activities of the Sam’s Club and offers the opportunity to explore some private behind-the-scenes areas and speak to technicians from different areas to understand their day-to-day lives and the role they play in the care and well-being of the park residents and visitors.

Catch the Wave program: designed for eight children aged 10 to 15 per week, it allows youngsters to enjoy all Zoomarine activities and participate in ocean protection awareness activities. It also includes three mornings dedicated to surfing at Praia da Galé, with the guidance of a surf teacher.

The programs will take place between 09h00 and 17h45, Monday through Friday, with seventy-two weekly slots distributed among the three existing options. Prices start at €150.

Source: Portugal Resident

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